President: Andrea Delgadillo

Hello, my name is Andrea Delgadillo and I am so excited to be the President of the North Texas Sweethearts this year! I joined Sweethearts in the Spring of 2016 and I’m so glad I did. I’ve made endless memories and can’t wait to make even more this year. I am graduating in May 2019 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Early childhood through 6th grade with an emphasis on English as a Second Language. But with a year left, I am excited to see what myself, the officer board, and all the girls in the organization do this year. My favorite memory has to be big/little reveal because you instantly gain a friend and also mentor your little throughout their sweetie semester. I love Sweethearts because everyone is so welcoming and you always have someone to help you with homework, grab something to eat, or to lean on. I can’t wait for this year and to meet our new members in the fall and spring!

Vice President: Allie Moore

Hey! I’m Allie and I’m currently the Vice President of the North Texas Sweethearts! I love Sweethearts because it has introduced me to ladies I’ll have in my life forever and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. My favorite memory since joining would have to be attending our fall and spring formals. It’s such a fun experience getting dressed up and celebrating everyone in this organization. I am beyond excited to serve this year as Vice President and make even more amazing memories with the gals I call my best friends.

Public Relations: Martha Fajardo

I plan formal, mixers, date party, and tailgates! I love Sweethearts because it has brought me some of my best friends and amazing friendships!! My favorite memory is getting my big because she is literally a beautiful soul who is always there for me (ily big).

Treasurer: Diana Medrano

As treasurer, I am in charge of keeping track and budgeting our funds to make sure we have a fun and successful semester, as well as fundraising for NTS. I love sweethearts because I've been able to meet and create bonds with girls who I would've never met! Some of my favorite memories from sweethearts was having a sleepover with my sweetie class and performing at Yell Like Hell.

Secretary: Amy Kotrla

My name is Amy and I’m a senior at UNT. My major is Interdisciplinary Studies EC-6 with ESL. I was in the Spring 2016 Sweetie Class! As secretary, I keep track of all members’ points, I record attendance at all meetings, and I keep track of the order of business. I love Sweethearts because it has helped me find my home at UNT. It has given me the opportunity to give back to the community and support the Mean Green. My favorite memory in Sweethearts is Big/Little Reveal. I love seeing how happy all of the families are and it’s such a happy day!

Recruitment: Meagan Martinez

Hi everyone! My name is Meagan and I am the recruitment officer! Sweethearts has given me my home away from home and my best friends. I'm so excited to welcome new girls to this amazing organization. If you would like to know more about recruitment or would like to join email me at, I look forward to seeing you all at recruitment!

Philanthropy: Maryssa Jernigan

I coordinate all of the service events for the NT Sweethearts! Our main event is the National Brain Tumor Society walk that occurs each fall. I love sweethearts because no matter who you’re with in the organization, you always have a friend to talk to. My favorite memories are getting my two incredibly amazing littles! I can’t imagine my life without them now ❤️

Human Resources: Shawnee Arrington

I am currently the Human Resources officer, this means that I run the Sweethearts social media pages and the blog. I joined North Texas Sweethearts in the Fall of 2017. I love Sweethearts because it has given me an amazing group of friends that I can always count on. I have met the majority of my best friends through Sweethearts, and do not know where I would be without them, or Sweethearts. I love being able to serve our community and cheer on the mean green with my sisters by my side.

Merchandising: Mon Viray

As Merch Officer, I create and design all Sweethearts merch including tshirts, jackets, hats, etc.I love Sweethearts because transferring to a school where I knew no one was hard and Sweethearts gave me a group of girls I can call my friends. Everyone is so nice and friendly and it's easy to make friends with anyone.My favorite memory so far is being elected Merch Officer. Never would I have thought of being on the Officer Board of such an amazing organization where I have grown in my confidence throughout the years.