The North Texas Sweethearts work hard to promote service on the UNT campus and out in the Denton Community. It is a requirement for all active members to complete a certain number of service points per semester, however are not limited to this amount. Many members exceed the expectations and really make a difference on and off campus. We enjoy creating our own service projects and reaching out to different organizations every year. This includes our Philanthropy, The National Brain Tumor Society

If you are interested in learning more about our philanthropy, service projects, or working with the North Texas Sweethearts on a service project, please contact our Philanthropy Officer.

Every year the North Texas Sweethearts volunteer for the Fort Worth National Brain Tumor Walk and a Chocolate and Wine benefit Gala. In addition, we donate our earnings from service events directly to the National Brain Tumor Society. It is truly shocking to realize how many of our current and past members have been impacted by this disease, because of this our philanthropy hits close to home and is very important to us. Every semester active members do everything they can to raise money and support this organization to give hope to survivors and families of victims. 

In Fall of 2015 the North Texas Sweethearts began a Random Acts of Kindness movement at the University of North Texas and the Denton Community. Labels with "Random act of kindness form the North Texas Sweethearts," were then scattered throughout the area, bringing positivity through the lives of strangers. Whether it is a bottle of water on a hot day or paying for someone's meal at the drive thru, active members are serving our community with kindness. To see what current acts our members are committing, follow our Instagram. And remember, always pay it forward.

The North Texas Sweethearts are always volunteering at the Denton local Salvation Army. No matter what the task may be, we are eager to help others in need and create positive experiences for those who need them. When we aren't at the Salvation Army donating our time, we are holding donation drives to get them everything they need to help others.

The North Texas Sweethearts have adopted an area on the UNT campus. This area is between Gateway and the Super Pit. In doing this, we are vowing to take care of the "block" by having regular trash pick-ups throughout the semester. Keeping our campus clean is just one thing we can do to make our world a better place.